Kenmore elite side by side ice and water control board

The control board lights and selections have stopped working. I tested the door switch and it tested good. I ordered and replaced the 5 button control board with same results. What could be causing my problem?

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Hi @tj850 ,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

No lights and not working sounds like a low voltage power supply problem.

Usually the power to any sub boards in a refrigerator is supplied by the main control board


The model is 596.51672100. Lights in refrigerator work - just no lights on the 5 buttons that control the water and ice. The refrigerator works and the dispenser is stuck on ice and will not change to water. You can activate the ice and it will start but the ice door will not open.

After testing the door switch and it being good, I ordered a new dispenser control board with no improvement. Part # WP67003622.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi @tj850 ,

It's sounding like the main control board as you have replaced the dispenser control board and the door switch there's not much else left that would affect both functions.

If it were individual functions i.e. water or ice then maybe it would be back at the dispenser.

I would check for any voltage present at the dispenser control board. There would normally be voltage present for it to work and this would come from the control board as there is no mention of a separate power board to supply the various boards.

I cannot find a wiring diagram for the fridge but would assume that the harness that connects to the board would also have the power supply wires in it as well.

Sorry that's all I can think of doing.


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