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Released in late 2012, the Asus X55C is a 15-inch laptop with a screen resolution of 1366x768. It has an Intel processor inside and uses Intel's integrated graphics.

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Asus x552c gpu change

Hi there I have an asus x552c with integrated intel hd and dedicated nvidia 1gb, I want to upgrade it and found ram+ compatible processor and ssd but not sure if possible to upgrade video card aswell and not with an external one, don’t want to buy a new one even if will be cheaper at the end

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Is the CPU replaceable?

I may be wrong but looking at this dis-assembly video for an Asus X552 (I realize not specified as a 552C) it appears as though that both the CPU and the GPU are hard mounted on the motherboard. View from about 7:00 minutes into the video.

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