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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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High-pitched rattling / buzzing noise in the back of the console

My ps4 pro started making a high-pitched rattling sound (comes from the back where the cables / power supply (?) are). It doesn’t do that when I start the console, but while I play a game and takes a while to stop. It also seems to be worse with some games and better/ non-existent with others. I opened it to look at the fan but saw nothing, it’s not even dusty. Also, fan is located at the front of the console. What could it be?

/edited the question to better describe the noise <- link to the video

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The power supply may be bad, and some electricity is shorting. Does this sound like electricity?


@Dylan Devries No, it doesn't sound like electricity. It's a fast repetitive sound, rather than constant, which I would think electricity to sound like, and the longer I wait after I stop playing the game the slower it gets.

Oh, btw, I noticed yesterday after unplugging it that it does make a short electrical buzz type of sound when I plug it in, but I thought it wasn't anything to worry about.


Yeah. The little buzz is probably normal. Could the hard drive be dying?


Sometimes, when they die, the read heads hit and click against the spindle. Do your games load slowly?


@Dylan Devries I don't think they load slower than before but maybe I didn't notice if the difference isn't huge


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The question doesn’t describe the sound well, however if I guessed correctly, google “inductor whine” and check if it is the same sound.

If it is, this is normal.

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I am sorry for the bad description. Yes, it's not really a buzzing sound but high-pitched rattling.

I googled it and yes, I think it might be it. Although it only started making this noise recently, it wasn't like that before that and I've had this console for about 2 years now. If it's coil whine, shouldn't I have heard it from the start?

/edit: Actually, I just turned on the console again to listen to the noise. It doesn't sound like a coil whine, I don't think at least. I filmed a video and added it to the question. It might be electricity then? Or still coil whine


I’m now having this problem, only started making this noise today, however, I had my power supply replaced due to a surge last week. Did you find anything that stopped it?


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