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WowWee CHiP Robot Dog, an automated AI pet which you can control and play with. Released in early 2016.

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How do you fix the legs (not jammed, worse)?

The legs on my WowWee CHiP began jamming frequently after an update. However, what someone did to fix it eventually broke the rear legs and made them limp when the motor is in certain positions. It cannot get itself up without help, as the legs collapse under it with a *click* when it tries. I am not going to describe what it may look like when this happens. I can easily move the legs into the correct position when they go limp, and when they do not move the legs at all, you can only hear the motor whirring as it moves into its place. Can anyone fix this?

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You will need to disassemble the Chip, remove the main board, the rear leg clips and then the rear gearbox. Your problem sounds like the gearbox, open it up and you’ll probably find damage to some of the plastic gears. Those will need replacing.

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I have a CHIP and the back legs are down and refuse to move. I took the Main PC board out and found a cracked and burnt MOSFET next to the plug for the rear Motor legs. It is a SMD (surface Mounted device) and will be difficult to replace since it is so small. I feel that all the (REPLACE GEAR BOX) solutions are BAD ADVICE.

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I disagree. The burnt sections on the main board are a consequence of trying to operate CHiP with a faulty gearbox. Replacing the faulty gears is the correct advice. In your instance you have an additional issue which is much more difficult to repair, but the core issue with faulty gears is still present.


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