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The Billy Goat Brush Cutter, model BC2600HHF (2015), is a 388cc Honda hydro-drive rough cut mower.

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The trans axle bypass rod will not stay disengaged

How do I repair it so that the rod will stay in extended position so we can move the machine easily without starting it?

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To be honest I am not surprised, there a lot of people facing this including me as well. You can't imagine how much days I spent to repair it alone but i couldn't do anything with it. So I called to the service and they came with a evacuator and took it. I have spent a lot of money to repair it and after I sold it for the same money as the service cost. I don't know why I got that angry but it was really terrible for me. I just bought an excellent brand new brush cutter and I have no problems with it, I'll try to keep it in a good condition, because I never had so many attachements for it, it has lawn mower, snowblower, pallet forks and not only.

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