No Power and not able to back up

Hi Folks

I need a bit of help with Play Station 3 Super Slim. I was playing it one night then all of a sudden it just froze, turn it off and disconnected the power plug and reconnected it. Now there is NO red light showing on the standby button and when I press it nothing happens.

I have since purchased a second hand PS 3 Super Slim and I was hoping that I would be able to transfer my hard drive from the old one to the new one but it wasn’t to be the case. After doing a bit of research, I would need to back up the hard drive before doing this but I am unable to do that as the console won’t turn on at all.

I have tried nearly all of the YouTube Tutorials and no joy. So my question is that is there way of restoring the hard drive data into the new PS3 ? Or is there an easy fix for the old PS3 ?


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