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The Yoga 710-11ISK was manufactured in 2016.

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Screen goes black when pressing bezel

Someone asked me to check their yoga laptop because the screen was black after he dropped it. I played around with it and saw that when the laptop is in tablet mode the display works, but when you press underneath the display on the bezel it will go black again.

Looks like some cables might be loose, but I have never touched a laptop like this before. Any advice or anyone has this happen to them before?

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Hi @d3novo ,

Here’s the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Start at p.46 to view the necessary steps and then the procedure to remove the LCD front cover and then the hinges etc. This will allow you to inspect the LVDS cable connection to the LCD panel and also inspect the cable if it is damaged where it passes through the hinge.

If replacement parts are required the part numbers are at the back of the manual.

Just search online using the part number only in the search term of your browser to find suppliers.

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Thanks for the manual. I opened it up and reseated every cable. So far the display has not failed so fingers crossed.


Well he forgot his windows password and wants to reset it. The NOVO button is broken so can’t use that. Tried F1-F2 and F12 and well as using the Fn key with those combinations. Bios doesn’t show up. Any other way to recover it besides booting with a bootable windows USB?


@d3novo ,

For Win 10 password reset there are lot of programs - examples only available online.


Managed to reset it without pressing the NOVO button thanks for the help though.


Here's a few tools to recover your windows password.


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