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2.2 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.4 GHz), 2.5 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.7 GHz), or 2.8 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 4.0 GHz) quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 6 MB shared L3 cache.

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Battery compatibility. A1494 vs A1618


I cant figure out the compatibility of macbook battery in the late 2013 - mid 2015 A1398 models.

Will a battery with model number A1494 fit a 2015 A1398 MBP? Or will i need a newer battery with model number A1618?

Some sites / vendors says the A1494 will fit, some says it does not. I get the difference in the mAh. 8440 mAh in A1494 and 8740 in A1618.

Can anyone clarify?

Thanks a lot!

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If you review the iFixit batteries

MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014) Battery

MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Mid 2015) Battery

You’ll see the power values are different!

While Apple did stick with the same dimensions and the connection to the logic board is the same for both. The chemistry of the batteries is different as such the charging rate programed in micro-controller and SMC what match up properly. I suspect some of the battery failures we have seen are do to the wrong battery being used.

Imagem de MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014) Battery


MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014) Battery


Imagem de MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Mid 2015) Battery


MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Mid 2015) Battery


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I see, Thats probably quite relevant.

thanks for the reply Dan!


@ajes - Don't forget to score the answer and accept it - Thanks!


@danj - From late 2012 when new type of battery was introduced and apple started glueing them in, is calibration not required anymore? And if not why is this when "old" types in 2010 - 2012 did need it.

Better monitor software or different batteries?

Calibration = Charging battery full 100% + 4-5 extra hours, draining bat through normal use and charge again.

I have replaced battery in some A1278 sometimes the replace battery message comes within a year and a calib + SMC reset usually helps.


I calibrate the batteries I put in. Apple still does it as far as I know, so I have no idea why you think it's not done.

Calibrating a battery later doesn't really change things. All you are doing is resetting the high and low water points, over time they will drift back to where you had them before you re-did the calibration. Yes, it does appear to improve things but at the risk of overheating your battery.


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