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Washer fills, agitator works, spin does not work

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The washing machine fills, agitator works and you can hear the timer ticking and see the dial advancing. When it hits the spin cycle it does not drain or spin.

We tried the lid switch mechanics. Depressing the lid switch manually does not drain the water or cause it to spin.

We did not find any clogs in any hoses. Looked through every hose with a flashlight.

How-to guides suggest that a broken belt would be obvious. We didn’t see a broken belt, nor does it seem like the washer is trying to do something but can’t. It doesn’t seem like it’s even trying.

We think it might be something electronic - either the electrical associated with the lid switch, the timer, or the control chip. Are there any ways to systematically test these pieces? Thank you!

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Model number please so we can look it up.


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Will look at this more in depth after model number. Meanwhile unplug it for 5 minutes to allow it to reset and tell us if it throws any error codes. night

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Our machine doesn't have error codes. It's all analog.


Need that model number. Did you unplug it for 5 minutes?


The model number is 110.88752792. Yes, we unplugged it for 5 minutes.


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