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Repair guides and support for televisions manufactured by Sony.

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Sony Bravia 65 inch tv 6 blinking lights advice

Hi guys. Sorry to bother. My sony 65 inch tv stopped working. It turns on. Displays the sony log and turns of, its like a flash. Then it shows 6 blinking lights. - video here - 8 seconds for the flash

So i had a look online. Found the service manual here.

I also found on page 11 the blinking light diagnosis. Shows could be Panel module, bmx board, or g board possibly.

Block Image

Moving to page 19 i found a diagram from which i assume its these parts (didnt include panel as i assume thats the screen)

Block Image

Then on page 40 i found this diagram to show how to check. I have ordered a multi meter altho have never used one before (will check youtube to learn)

Block Image

Also came across this. Showing what it could be. No idea what the LVDS or Tcon is.

Block Image

Sooooo, i also checked on youtube and from the same revisions i found a few videos with the same issue, but all had back light led issues. They open the tv, take off the panel , check the led strips and replace the led if skilled enough , or the strip itself. None of which seems to be in this service manual ?

The fact the screen lights for a second does that mean the leds could be fine ?

Any advice would be great. I found a site for buying the parts

Main board for roughly £60

The power board is about £35

and can source led strips form £10 upwards. The led testing looks to require a different tool for that, can that be done on a multi meter ?

I have been able to check the part number for the bmx board (one with hdmis) but haven’t had a look at the power board for part numbers.

Obviously id like to save as much as possible, happy that the parts are not horrendous in price but getting the diagnosis right and save my self as much as possible as money is slightly tight.

And im hoping its one of the boards, removing that panel with the glass lifters gives me the fear from watching some of the videos.

As always community thanks in advance.

EDIT. Turns out the multi meter order has been cancelled. Can someone recommend one of these three ? would any be ok to work on the tv.




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hi guys, multi meter arrived, any words of wisdom


@Stephen Barraclough ,

Hopefully the meter has a user manual.

Read it thoroughly to understand how to set it up and to use it properly before starting to test on "live" circuits

Be very aware that there is exposed lethal AC voltage present in the back of a TV and especially on the power board if that is where you are testing.

There may also be high DC voltage present which can also shock and injure you if you are not careful.

Thirdly if you slip or bridge test points when using the meter's test probes you can electrically damage the components on the boards.

I'm not trying to dissuade you from doing this, just trying to point out that you need to remain focussed on what you're doing


@jayeff thanks for the tips buddy. Very aware of electrocution, have accidently done it to myself before. So will be taking the safty measures before starting. Just cant find anyone in my area willing to do a 65 inch tv which sucks, happy to pay someone to doit.

However learning experience for me. Can you take a look at page 40 for me ?

thats the diagram for the checks


hi stephan how u solved this problem i have same problem


Did you find the ref. point JL9008 on the BMX board?


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@Stephen Barraclough

You have to check the voltage at ref. point JL9008 on the BMX board to know which path to take in the flowchart.

See p.54 for location of the BMX board for your model.

I think that JL9008 is a bare wire link or strap on the BMX board (JL= Jumper Link, but not sure if this is what it stands for)

In any event whatever it is, it should be designated on the board itself.

First locate JL9008 on the BMX board

Then having set the DMM to the 20V DC scale and then connected the meter's black common lead to the TV’s chassis earth (any bright shiny metal connection on the TV chassis), turn on the power to the TV, turn on the TV and then place the meter's red Volts lead probe on the JL9008 link and check what voltage is displayed.

If the voltage is <1.8V you need to change the BMX board and then check if the TV works OK.

If the voltage is either 1.9V or >1.9V you have to follow that path which involves checking/changing the harnesses or the G or LD boards or ultimately the panel itself. Check the manual to see how to remove cables, boards the correct way etc.

You could try using the 2V DC scale on the meter if the reading is not conclusive, but it is safer to use the 20V scale first and then drop it down just in case the voltage is above 2V

Once you know the voltage turn off the TV and the power to the TV

If it gets to changing the panel, this will be difficult because like with most TVs, the panels are hard to find and if you do happen to find one it costs nearly as much as a new TV

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Didn't, smashed the panel taking it apart, bought a cheap hisense as a replacement

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Unfortunately the JL9008 doesn’t seem to be identified on the board itself but I found this illustration as a help.

Block Image

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