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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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Ford focus engine vibration

My Ford focus 1.8 deisel ghia vibrates/ rumbles when in gear and accelerating 1st being the worst and getting slightly better as I go up gears but still very noticeable.

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Block wheels, front and back of one wheel should do it. With engine off, Put vehicle in neutral and check universal joints on each end of axle shaft at the front wheels by grabbing axle shaft and rotating it back and forth observing universal joints. there should be no slack in either joint. on either side of car.

Also check all tires for lumps and bumps or odd wear patterns,

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Hi thanks for answering. I have taken to garage and they said it is not the mass flywheel from what they think and when dropping clutch it's fine, also I have hsd front engine mount replaced, the garage also told me to use 2 lots of injector cleaner and I'm just on 2nd lot now but no difference. I will have a look at what you said tomorrow thankyou.

If you know of any other issues that may cause this please let me know.

Sterring wheel is not shaking tho but when accelerating it is bit harder to change gear coz of vibration.


Hi there Rodney, I have checked all areas and have had no problems with all. The was one thing I forgot to mention which I don't know weather would help is that despite it rumbles/vibrates when I gear, but I I take out of gear and cruise I get absolutely nothing within vibrating/rumbling.

Please advise if possible. Thanks


I would make sure the transmission has the proper level of lubricating oil, make sure to use the right type.


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