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Documentation and service/repair instructions for ventilators by SLE.

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What is the service password

I need to calibrate so I need the service password for the SLE 5000 ventilator

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Unfortunately, the code is probably unique to each ventilator since the manual says “enter the code supplied by SLE into the ventilator via the controller services panel to activate the required calibration program.”

Maybe see if you have a local distributor, ask the previous owner, or call +44 (0) 208 681 1414

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Unfortunately these manufacturers are acting just like John Deere and Apple and are retaining the codes and of course the parts. Read about it here:!

Thanks for the mention on your profile, and thank you helping us here on Answers. I'll be watching for your contributions ;-) and of course up-voting on them.


I figured at much... unfortunate in times like this.

@mayer, don't mention it! You're one of the most knowledgeable techs I've ever seen and I enjoy learning your troubleshooting techniques!


@alexrobinson I know a lot because I've screwed up a lot over the years ;-O


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Please contact our Service Manager, Hetal Patel, at

He will be able to help you.

Chris Worrell

Marketing Manager

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ABACAB consulta el manual de servicio paso 5 engmode y me entenderas. Si necesitas aun ayuda despues de 3 años me contactas soy especialista en ventilacion y actualmente fabrico mi propia marca de ventiladores y conozco todas las contraseñas de los diferentes fabricantes de tecnologia medica saludos desde Colombia.

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