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Computer keeps crapping out om games

Hi guys and girls..:)

so, about a month ago, i decided to build my self a New pc. I’ve put it together myself as I've done that multiple times, so it’s no issue - and the PC’s running fine most of the time.. However, when i play games (AC3, MW, CS GO and the likes of that) my PC freezes to the point where i have to force reboot it.. The error manifests after everything from 2 minutes to 3 hours.. I’ve taken it apart and put it back together again and checked for bent pins on cpu, badly seated ram/gpu, did memtest86 turning back no errors, stresstest the cpu for hours - no issues, done benchmark and stresstest on gpu with no errors - and still it craps out Every time.. It’s quarantine season i’m sure my girlfriend would appreciate any help you guys can give as I'm losing my mind here..:D posted picture of hardware list as well..:)

Fractal Design: Node 304

Intel: i5-9400F (6k - 4.1GHz)

Noctua NH-L9i

Asus STRIX Z390-I Gaming

AMD RX 5700 Grafikkort MSI MECH 8GB

16GB 3200MHz Kingston HyperX Fury

512GB Intel 660p SSD

3 fans in cabinet

Ram’s set to run xmp

SSD is nvme

Thanks in advance - stay safe!!

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Have you checked CPU, Video card, etc. temperatures with a program like "HWMonitor v1.41"


Hi Mike :)

Thanks for the reply! Yes, i have used HW-monitor to check temps on CPU/GPU, all looks normal. My CPU-fan was a bit low in settings, and i got 60 degrees on CPU with 100% load, but i corrected that to make it spin-up earlier on temps, so now i goes 100% at 40 degrees (Celsius - located in EU), and now i does not reach more than 50/52 at 100% load.



Hi Mikkel,

So is the freezing problem fixed now?

Funny how in English if something is "freezing" it is because it is too hot!


@mikkill ,

What capacity PSU is installed, you didn't mention it?

The graphics card manufacturer recommends 750W as the card uses 225W.

Just a thought


@jayeff it's 80+ Bronze 650w Cooler Master MWE.. Hmm.. Maybe i should try to replace it, but it's a bit weird as the products were linked when buying, other models were not powerful enough it seemed..;) Thanks for the suggestion! Much appreciated!

@mike - naaah, it still freezes - and yeah, it's kinda weird that freezing is the chosen word to describe what i suspected to be heat-issues in the beginning..:D


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Hi ya'll!

Thanks for comments and suggestions all of you, very helpful - much appreciated!

So, i tried all the tips suggested - and ended up disabling XMP in bios after updating all drivers and bios, resulting in a seriously unstable pc, all crashes began to come at random.. I disabled XMP because it felt like the last parameter to tweak - and bingo, errors stopped. I then kinda figured it was a cooling issue, and I replaced my newly bought cpu fan with a Kraken AIO liquid Cooler (tough job fitting all that s*** into that small cabinet, but as it Sits in my livingroom, “it must fit in with the decor” said the boss;))

I then enabled XMP again, and voila - all is good!

Problem solved, DK is still in lockdown for at least another month, so at least now i have something to pass the time with - once again, thanks!

#stayhome #staysafe #fuckcorona!

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I'm not totally clear here.

You disabled XMP and then unstable. I get that.

But you say, " I disabled XMP because it felt like the last parameter to tweak - and bingo, errors stopped." Sounds like you disabled the XMP twice. Could you reword that?

You see I don't get the cooling issue. It just sounds like disabling and reenabling the XMP fixed the problem. Resetting very often fixes things in electronics and software.

Please explain and hey happy you fixed it. Well done!

Oh, as an aside. Covid-19 is NOT the problem. The problem is people sharing it with each other and not following correct procedure. We are the bad guys - not the virus.


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