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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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How to replace upper screen frame step by step?

Recently I changed a shell of my DS’ from pink to entirely different color. Set included matching frames for screens like these in the upper left corner on the picture.

I managed to change the touch screen’s frame, but upper screen is a bit intimidating and I don’t want to do this without experience. I wouldn’t bother changing it at all if it was looking good in the new housing, but it is not.

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Hi @rothrothman ,

Here’s a link to the ifixit Nintendo DS Lite Upper LCD Replacement guide which should be of some help.

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Hi, thanks for the guide! Sadly, it's not what I'm looking for, as it covers replacement of the whole LCD and not the frame itself. My issue is portrayed the best on this photo, . As you can see, the pink frame doesn't match the blue housing, in my case it's the same. It seems like in order to replace it I need to peel more than just the frame, and I'm afraid I will damage the display if I do so.


@rothrothman ,

I thought that using the guide to get the LCD unit safely out of the way you should be able to change whatever is needed and then reinsert the LCD unit.

As long as you handle it gently and carefully place it out of harms way until you have to reinstall it, you should be OK


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