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Repair Information for Speak & Spell educational toys. First released in 1978.

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Is the center positive on the adapter jack?

I'm trying to make an adapter for my speak & spell. I believe it requires 6V dc, but I don't know if center post is positive or negative.

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Looking at an image of the battery insertion to the device taken from the user manual (see image below) it appears as though that the device needs 4.5V DC (3 x 1.5V in series connection) to work and not 6V DC.

I don’t know the device but looking at the user manual online it appears that there is no power adapter input socket provided, is this correct?

If so then since you have to open the device anyway, check the wiring connections to the battery holder to see where the +ve and -ve wires go to. That way you can wire a DC power input socket according to what adapter you have

On the image below I’v shown how the device’s battery holder terminals might be wired to get the +ve and -ve leads of the battery to the circuit board.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If you intend leaving the batteries in situ when using the power adapter you need to get a DC input socket - example only that has a break contact, so that one of the wires from the battery to the circuit board passes through the socket contact to get to the circuit board. When the power adapter plug is inserted the contact operates and opens the path for the supply from the batteries and also prevents the power adapter voltage feeding back towards the batteries and trying to charge them and possibly damaging them and causing other more severe problems.

Here’s an image of the “circuit wiring” of the DC-In socket with a break contact which shows what I mean.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If you’re not intending to use the battery option at all, disconnect the wires from the battery holder that lead to the circuit board and terminate them to the appropriate pins on the DC In socket, thereby forestalling any problems from occurring if batteries are inadvertently inserted along with the power adapter.

If you are intending to connect the power adapter directly to the battery terminals, use an Ohmmeter to work out the connections between the terminals, (see possible connection method above) so then you know which is the +ve terminal that connects to the circuit board and the -ve terminal that connects to the circuit board (they won’t connect to the other battery terminals) and connect the power adapter accordingly

Hopefully this is of some help.

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