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A zipper found on clothing and gear to keep everything zipped up!

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Dirt cannot be removed. Can it be repaired by you?

I bought an outwear (H2no) about 10 years ago. It’s still in an excellent condition. However, some dirts in black appeared on the zipper that could not be washed out or removed, and the seamsealed fabric was off inside the sleeve pocket. Just wonder if it can be sent to you for changing a new one?

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ifixit does not do repairs.

There are volunteers on this forum that give advice on how to repair things yourself. If you cannot do the repair advice is given as to what you can do to get it fixed.

Contact Patagonia in your location about getting the jacket repaired professionally.

Here’s a link that may be of some help.

According to this linkDamage due to wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge”.

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