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iPhone X Front Camera Black Screen Problem

This has been ongoing for 2 months suddenly my front camera stopped working the front flash is also not working my Face ID does work and opens my phone my Rear camera and rear flash and flashlight are fine works fine. When i snapchat the rear camera wont even turn to the front camera like it doesn’t even recognise it as being there. I switch from rear camera to front i cant even press the shutter on it it just makes a vibration when i click the shutter icon i have gorilla glass on my iphone never dropped it or anything so i dont know whats wrong should i remove the glass and clean the main screen maybe? Heres a photo and video recording of my phone front camera screen does anybody have any suggestions? Hard resetted my phone updated latest ios didnt work help? It started in december

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I have exact problem with my iPhone X did you get a solution to yours?


No mine is still ongoing, not sure it is the hardware as my Face ID still works on everything which would surely suggest its software


Exactly same issue, cannot find a solution to fix it. I tried all options.


I have had this problem since November. Both cameras and flashlight were not working. My rear camera and flash now works but I have never got my front facing camera back. If my phone runs out of battery or restarts then I lose my rear camera and flash again but this usually comes back after about 3 days. Apple support ran a diagnostics on my phone and said the front facing camera has hardware failures and where they are all in the same module all cameras can be affected by this. They have suggested a full phone replacement…


Same here, nothing yet?[br]


My Face ID works normally but the Front camera just shows black screen, any suggestion?


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The gorilla glass protector shouldn’t have an effect on the cameras, even if it was dirty. I would bring it to a local, independent repair shop and have them take a look at it. While the cameras are replaceable, if the front one gets replaced, you’ll lose FaceID functionality.

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All the history tells that there are not issues of the software. Must be the issues of hardware. Face id is also not working if the front camera is not working anymore and that can`t be changed new one only the flex can change.

See the cable is not connected properly onboard.

Front camera flex might be tore.

That can only find with the dissemble of your iPhone.

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my problem was solved by cleaning and replace camera socket!

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I realize this is an old thread, but since people are still posting to it with the same problem, I thought I'd offer up another answer.

It turns out that the front camera itself is not part of the paired hardware with the motherboard, even thought the dot projector (and maybe the infrared camera) are. So in theory it could be replaced individually without losing Face ID.

One of the guys over at REWA figured out the process to do that and did a video guide for it on the iPhone 11 Pro. The procedure to remove the front camera assembly is slightly different for the iPhone X, but there is a guide available. Once it's out, following the 11 Pro guide for replacing just the camera is straight forward. You'll need a Dremel multitool to do the job.

iPhone X Front Camera Assembly Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

iPhone 11 Pro Front Camera Replacement Without Losing Face ID - iFixit Repair Guide

Note that you can buy replacement metal housings separately for the front camera assembly, so it is also possible to just destroy it and replace it with a new part.

Imagem de iPhone 11 Pro Front Camera Only


iPhone 11 Pro Front Camera Replacement Without Losing Face ID

Nível de dificuldade:


40 minutes

Imagem de iPhone X Front Camera Assembly


iPhone X Front Camera Assembly Replacement

Nível de dificuldade:


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