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Model A1237 or A1304 / 1.6, 1.8, 1.86, or 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Does it make a difference where water damage enters?

I know what to do after a water spill, having had a few close calls (and a keyboard cover for that reason.) I spilled some today, but no water got in the keyboard itself. Instead, a little bit got in the left side ports (USB, etc.) The laptop turned off and I have in the inverted “V” positon, I’m waiting to try to turn it on again. My question is- will it make a difference that the water entered in the side, and NO water got in the keyboard?

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There are too many variables here to answer your question. How much water, how much force did it have, how far did it seep in? Was it just water or something else and how pure was it as the dissolved contents may be the worse part.

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You do realise tap water is not pure water right? Neither is rain water you’d have to really go out if you’re way to spill pure water on you’re laptop


It was tap water- definitely not pure, but not as bad as say, hot coffee. It wasn't that much force. I would say about less than 1/4 of a teaspoon seeped in from the standing water on the desk before I grabbed the laptop.


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water does not damage electrics, water damages electrics that are on

because the water conducts electricity if you get it over something like a motherboard you can short everything to everything else and fry potentially any component pretty much, however you might get lucky and dry it out and everything’s fine, usb ports to my understanding have over current protection which if you’re lucky might have stopped a short doing damage, i would recommend taking out the battery (if you can) and the whole thing out, depending on how much water got in it might warrant a tear down and a dry out with the hairdryer but if it wasn’t too much just leave it a couple days somewhere warm to dry and don’t turn it on until your happy it is, then see what happens

unfortunately i cant really advise on what to repair if it doesn’t work as like i say you can be joining everything to everything else it can fry anything but iv had reasonable success in the past so feel free to msg me when you have a bit more infomation

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@eddief - Technically pure H2O does not conduct electricity! It's the salts and/or minerals held in solution that does.

Take a strip of coffee filter paper (`2") on a sheet of non-conductive plastic with a clean eye dropper place a drop of water in the middle using your Ohm meter measure the resistance from each end of the strip now carefully slowly add a few grains of table salt. As the salt dissolves you'll note the meter resistance goes down and the paper becomes more conductive.


That is true not going to try and dispute that but I was trying to explain the concept it was easier to say water than conductive fluid, I can tell you for a fact he has not spilt pure water on his laptop or it would still work


I'm not doubting the fact the tap water is not pure, neither is well, spring or bottled water. Only distilled water is pure H2O and I doubt they are drinking that.

I was also thinking coffee, tea or soda or milk as being possible liquids. The acids, sugar and fats can also corrode things in that case.

I'm sorry my nit pick bugged you.


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