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Repair guides and support for your Philips TV.

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My tv keeps going black

I got a Phillips 50 inch tv for Christmas. The screen would go black and I would just turn the tv off and then turn it back on and it went away. Lately my tv screen has been going black but still had sound. I unplugged it and rebooted my cable box and it went back to normal. Tonight, I turned on my tv and it was fine and then the screen went black out of nowhere and now the sound is out. What can I do to fix this?

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Help!!! Going thru the same thing.


Please help... my Philips TV 50 inch also is having the same problem. When i plug it on electricity, it will show a red light and then when i click power ON on the remote control, the screen will show logo for seconds and then gone, but it will not open, just dark screen. I put it off and pulled out all wires/connections like HDMI, to TV box and rest it for few mins and turn it ON again after some time, i get the same problem..


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Hi @tj1997,

Try connecting another signal source e.g. DVD player and check if the TV operates OK or not.

If it still has problems then check the manufacturer’s warranty statement (should have come with the TV or is in the user manual) about how to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

If it is OK when using a different signal source try using a different cable between the cable box and the TV or a different input (if using HDMI) to see if it is the cable box that is the cause of the problem.

If the cable box is connected to a HDMI input on the TV if possible try connecting it to a Component input (red/blue/green +red/white) or Composite input (yellow + red/white) if the box has these types of outputs and the TV has the types of inputs.

The reason for this is as your TV is a new model the HDMI inputs will most probably be HDCP compliant whereas the cable box HDMI output may not be and this can cause problems, but I may be wrong about this ;-)

If the cable box is suspect what is the make and model number of the box?

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I have a similar issue on a 1 yr old Tv which was fine fron new but developed a source signal issue needing a power down to temporarily solve it.


@Sean Routledge

What is the make and model number of the TV and the signal source if it is a "box" of some description and not an antenna?

Does it only occur when using the one signal source or the one type of connection?

Have you checked that the TV (and the "box") are updated to the latest f firmware (software)?


I have done all of these things an nothing works


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I have been having the black screen problem with sound also, turning the TV on and off gets my picture back for so long, after reading this I tried changing the display but it always showed on current when I went back into it. What I have done is turn all the settings off, ie back-light and a few other things that were turned on, there was also another brightness setting at 100% i put that to 50, any setting that is on turn off, obviously without making your picture bad and my TV has been fine for about 30 minutes, it was going black every 5 minutes before I did this.

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So how do I fix it


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Eventually after months they came and changed the main board. That fixed it. Then the screen developed dark patches along the top section when showing light pictures such as clouds. They came out and changed the screen for us. It is all ok now thank goodness.

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1-Electrical Power cable / TURN OFF / Safety

2-Cable connections check for any broken or disfigured cables.

3-Replace if needed .

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