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Apple AirPods are wireless headphones released December 2016.

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Right AirPod dying quicker than the left

So I have Gen 1 AirPods with the 2nd Gen Wireless Charging Case. I’ve noticed that my right AirPod is actually dying quicker. I charge them both to 100% and use them at the same time. My mic for them is set to automatic, not on specific side. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks!

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Hi! Happens to me too sometimes (not always) and they are brand new. Perhaps it's something in the firmware? On which firmware version are yours running?


Hey, they’re running on the latest they can right now (6.8.8) @koppie007


That is the newest firmware for the Airpods (1st gen). Perhaps the battery life is reduced for the right Airpod...


Why would it be reduced on one side by a substantial amount though? They’re always used at the same time. If it helps they were dead flat and charged to around 80% in like 5 minutes. Not sure if that’s normal or not. @koppie007


They charge really really fast, and mine do charge within minutes too, so I guess it's okay. Some batteries (beginning to) die earlier then others with no specific reason.. But sometimes I got the same issue as you described, perhaps a bug in the firmware? Wondering how many people are facing this..


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This is likely because of the physical battery in the device. If you use one of them significantly more than the other it can negatively affect the battery. Using one a lot more than the other will cause it to have more cycles and cause the battery to deteriorate faster. Unfortunately, the batteries on airpods tend to die after ~ 1 and 1/2 years, and the batteries are essentially unreplaceable. It might also be that you keep one plugged in far too much, causing the battery to deteriorate from always being connected to power.

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I am having the same problem, my right AirPod is dying ALL the time but left is still at 90% or better when the right dies. Weird thing is that all of the possible solutions mentioned above, don’t apply for me. I never wear just one AirPod, ever, I always have both in. I never charge just one AirPod, they are always charging together. And I don’t only put my right ear in first - sometimes it’s left, sometimes it’s right… so why is this happening? These are only a couple months old and I’m getting super annoyed.

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