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The JXD S7800B is a tablet/game console that runs on an Android operating system and has built-in controls.

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My jxd Android gaming tablet is frozen on the start up screen HELP

I have an Android jxd type gaming tablet that is stuck Frozen on the green Android logo. I have tried every trick on this forum and YouTube. Nothing works to unfreeze it. There has got to be someone out there that can help. Every time I Google it I get 30.0000 answers saying hold down power button and volume button. I'm way passed that. If anyone has an answer even if it involves hardware. This question has been posted for awhile. I guess I've stumped everyone with this question. Well I will leave it up far one more week and if by chance you have an answer, then your spot smarter than I would say thousands of people that have read this question. That would certainly be impressive !!!

That's it

Thank you

Jeff C.

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Hi @jcom4179 ,

You’ve probably already seen this but have you thought of reflashing the firmware on the device?

Doing it this way will be a challenge as the instructional video is in Chinese but essentially it appears that you load the Rockchip drivers required in a PC and then use the loading program to install the firmware via USB into the device

At least that is how I think that it may be done. Worth a try anyway. ;-)

I’ve done similar flashing firmware procedures on other devices that use the Rockchip chipset, although with the one I did you only had to hold the Power button when you connected it to a PC with the flash program running to get it recognized, but it may be different in your case

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There was an old thread on tomsguide forum, you may follow the guidance and see if it working to your case.

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Thank you Albert, your a saint. I thought my question would never receive an answer. Thank you very very very much


@jcom4179 Hi Jeffrey, you're most welcome. A lot of people here in the community will be happy to help you. Hope you soon fix the problem.


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