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Gaming laptop released in 2014 with an Nvidia 860M graphics card and a 15.6" display. Updated in 2015 with 960M graphics.

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nvidia 860m not working properly


i have a question related to my gtx 860m. it was working fine and suddenly something happened to it. i am not sure what happened.

while gpu is enabled through device manager, it slows down my laptop and cpu starts working on full speed. laptop starts to lags a lot then bsod happens. reboot take longer time then usual. and it makes very hard to use my laptop

if i disable my gpu through device manger. laptop works fine like nothing happened to it. no performance issues in cpu, hdd and vice versa.

i have already tried many solutions from different websites. like checking drivers and uninstalling it and reinstall and a lot of fixes. also reinstalling windows but still nothing.

i hope you guys understand what i am saying.

thank you very much

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Hi @dizzycheese2234,

Your laptop has two fans for cooling.

I wonder if the fan that cools the GPU is working or whether it may be clogged with dust etc.

Here’s a link to the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Scroll to p.53 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the fan and heat sink assembly, so that the fans can be inspected and cleaned etc.

Whilst you have the heat sink assembly removed check the condition of the thermal paste on the GPU and CPU in case it needs to be refreshed. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show how to refresh the thermal paste on a CPU

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@jayeff thank you for assistance,

already done what you have said.

cleaning of fans and put a new thermal paste.

but nothing works.



Hi @dizzycheese2234 ,

Try a diagnostic scan on the video card Here's a link. Click on Customize to check the options and click on Video card. You might have to install lenovo's LSB to do the diagnostics. the link is on the page I linked

Something to check if only to eliminate it.

Check in Event Viewer(right click on Windows Start button, left side of Taskbar > Event Viewer link) for any Critical, Error or Warning events that stand out and may give an indication of what is going on.


@jayeff thank you and thousand apologies for late reply,

i checked everything as describe by you.

2 critical errors and lots of errors in event viewer.

recently i turned on my gpu through device manager and cpu starts to works on full speed and not backing down and it lead to usual BSOD. then i lower processor power through processor power management. laptop is working fine now but slower, no BSOD until something happened which leads to heavy load.


Hi @dizzycheese2234 ,

Did the video card diagnostic scan show anything, you didn't say?

Did the Event Viewer errors point to anything like a process that may be failing to complete etc? Did the errors occur at the same time as the CPU/fans etc speed up?


hi @jayeff ,

with gpu on, when it starts to test graphic card then computer gets a heavy load and then BSOD.

when gpu off, all test are normal.

i am not expert AT checking event viewer but there are two most common errors are keep coming. NVLDDMKM AND KERNAL POWER.


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Video drivers can be very tricky. After over 35 years in the business this has been the number one problem for all kinds of strange results.

To completely uninstall and then reinstall drivers completely something like:

Display Driver Uninstaller Download version is required.

Why? Because all kinds of files, registry settings, etc. can get subtly corrupted. Normal uninstall, reinstall, etc. can miss some of these.

As a matter of fact I just fixed one this morning. I thought the card was defective because of the the yellow exclamation mark and the error messages in the Device Manager.

All is sweet now!

This is not to say that there is not some other cause but for me 98% of the time it has been the driver (same for touchpads).

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@aactech thank you for your reply,

already done that several times.


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I am having the same error. The issue was originally caused on my Lenovo Y50-70, and GTX 860m, because I installed some new drivers trying to get stable diffusion to run better. Instead, now everything is glitching. Nothing seems to run properly, the CPU maxes out and the GPU doesn't seem to respond or work. OBS for example lags so heavily and crashes and will not encode - just records a blank black or green screen with corrupt meta data. This is true even though I have enabled the gpu in nvidia manager, and also enabled in device manager. I installed the original drivers from Lenovo but didn't work. I'm angry at myself because my restore points (shadow partitions) didn't work for some reason, so I couldn't just roll back.

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I've been using it for 6 years without any problems. A few days ago I wanted to play game. Suddenly the system crashed. Then I enabled the Use Nvidia high performance GPU option to get better performance. After doing this, I tried to enter the game but now I was getting GPU Shader 5.0 error. Gone. I tried many methods but it doesn't work anymore. A lot of things have been problematic lately, but this painful graphics card issue dealt the fatal blow.

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