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The PSP E100 is a handheld games console designed by Sony. Also known as the PSP Street, this budget-friendly version of the PlayStation Portable released in October 2011.

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How do I know that this piece was not damaged when I was sticking weld

Block Image

Tb fuse… Also charge port how i can add in place with out damaged or buy new also for clean the place with alcohol.. Use paste or flux…

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@danook something seems to get lost in translation. Looks like your connector got melted and there seems to be some damage to the right of it as well. You need to post a better (clearer) picture so we can check it out better. You will need to resolder a new connector to the board to fix this. Use either a smaller tip on your soldering iron or a good hot air station to solder it on. Cover the connector with plenty of mylar tape and use plenty of flux. If in doubt find some old circuit boards with plastic connectors and try to solder/desolder those for practice.

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Bro small fuse call tb


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