PS3 NO Display Only sound

hey I have a serious problem with My Ps3 super slim

a week ago i was playing SAW 1 and pause the game to find cell code on my phone when i treturn to game it froze so i unplugged the power cord and turn it on again but it only show me black screen on hdmi at 576p i could still hear the sound of menu selection i tried the video reset but to no avail so held the button long enough to go in recovery mode after three beeps it showed me plug your controller message and showed all options first i tried the reset default setting option but nothing happened so again boot to recovery tried rebuild database but still nothing so i download the 4.84 update pup went in recovery chose the update option it boot after detecting update but only black screen on controller i pressed x on controller it looked frozen to me so unplug the power cord again Now whenever i try to turn it on light stays solid green no display at hdmi cant in recovery too. Tried av cord but still black screen What should i do plus my cmos battery socket is also torn from motherboard from possitve end i am afraid of completing the update i can hear the menu selection of update initialization how to cancel it so i can access recovery mode

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