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Why is my T5 light going pink?

(I know this is the T8 fixture forum but I couldn’t find a T5 light forum)

So, I have gone through 3 T5 fluorescent light tubes in the last week.

When I install them, they are lovely and bright for about 48 hours.

Then I turn them on, it’s a very dim, drab pink and the ends are black.

It is my understanding that this is the mercury escaping and that replacing the bulb should resolve the issue but it just keeps recurring.

Do I have the wrong bulb? Is it a wiring issue?

Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!

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@bromontana8 fluorescent lights will turn pink (caused by a loss of mercury) with black burns on the ends of the lamp as the light reaches its end of life. The voltage going through the tube will cause the tube to breakdown sooner. Since you already changed the lights you may have to check the ballast. Last but not least you muse consider that you maybe not using the correct tube for the fixture. Double check on that.

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