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This product is a 27-inch LED display with a resolution of 2650x1440 pixels released by Apple on July 27, 2010. It has the model number A1316.

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hello can I fix vertical line 4 inch going from top to bottom?

Block Image

Block Image

I replaced logic board because I thought it caused problem but please look at the pictures

there is 4 inch line going from top to bottom is it LCD or connector cables inside?

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just replaced T-CONE did not work, still same strap 4 inch going from top to bottom

need help


I am thinking may it be video cable connector?


need help, T-Con board was replaced and same nothing changed


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This looks like a messed up T-CON board issue which is on the backside of the LDC panel. Here’s the P/N for the full display Apple P/N 661-5542. Here’s one source 661-5542 Apple LCD Display for 27" LED Cinema Display. I haven’t used them let so let us know if you have any issues.

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thank you ! I will buy it and replace


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