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Repair and support for Slinky Toys. A coiled spring made of metal and/or plastic.

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How to untangle a slinky as fast as it got tangled

I know you can work the tangle to the end (normally). Mine is welded closed at the end, so that’s just moving the problem to a new part of the slinky… But also, it made me ask the question I’ve always wondered: What is the trick to UNDO the original tangle. After all, if it’s that quick to tangle, it must be undo-able in 1 slick little move…

Any ideas

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I've not met a person so majestic to rapidly undo the knot of a slinky. But I can tell you that my method of undoing slinkys are relatively easier.

I would suggest stretching it out carefully to see where the knot is in the first place.

Then if you want, you can slide your thumb slowly through the coil, aligning everything in place slowly working your way down to the knot.

And then once you make it to the knot, flip it or untangle it slowly as you work your way down, carefully pulling the overlays apart.

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Mike De Butts depends on how it is tangled. Most common method is outlined on here

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i love your name but get it ok here its goes. use a ruler

Update (12/01/2020)


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So basically what I did is I Kept rotating the coil different ways and eventually it came undone…Took around 10 mins depending on how much it is tangled✨

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