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The Asus VivoBook Pro N552VW has an i7-6700HQ processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M and 2G/4G GDDR5 VRAM. Released in 2016.

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FPS Problem in Fortnite (N552vw GTX960m/4G)

Hey Everyone

Sorry to take your time but i have a problem with my N552vw…I have used it for about 3 years (Better to say only for gaming)….before i was playing Fortnite in 4K resolution & low graphic settings & my FPS was around 80-100 (In season 9) but after season 10 my fps was around 40-60 (With the same graphic settings that i played before) & now it’s still in that situation ….& now because of that i have only changed the resolution into FullHD & now i get 120 fps…..(Also i Updated Nivida graphic driver but nothing has happened) so my question is like this…

Is it possibile for CPU/GPU to be *half burnt*? (I mean someparts of cpu/gpu works but the rest of them not!)…..

is it possible?

i also changed the powermode into bestperformance but it didn’t work….

(Also it’s battery doesn’t work….do you think i should remove it?)

i know that the refresh rate of it’s screen is 60Hz…so i think it’s wrong to have more fps than 60…isn’t it?

sorry my english is bad….

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I have the same laptop and so far we are the exact same

my battery doesn't work

when I play fortnite my game crashes or it gives me 60 fps


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Interesting situation! The problem could be a couple things, or a mix of them.

  1. Storage getting full. How much available storage do you have? Windows uses something called Virtual Memory, which you may be familiar with. It uses it as an overflow when the physical RAM is maxed out. However, I find this as an unlikely problem since your configuration says 16GB, which is great for a laptop. Try cleaning some larger files/apps.
  2. Overheating. Laptops, throughout time, heat up more and more frequently as they age and often times throttle CPU clock speeds to lower the system temperature to a safe range. This is called “thermal throttling”. To see if this is the issue, [http://intel power gadget explained|download Intel Power Gadget], run it, and see what your idle and active operating temps are. You should get idle temps of 30-45 and hopefully under 80 while gaming. If your temps are above these ranges, I would try and clean the inside of the computer with compressed air, or replace the CPU and GPU thermal paste.

Run Power Gadget and let me know what kind of results you get.

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Thanks Alex for your help

But first let me say that the capacity of my memory is 12GB (Which is enough i think)

Also checked the virtual memory , it was about 2GB (Here is the picture)

↓but let me show you the result of PowerGadget ↓

First test '''without running the game''' (temp is 37)

Second test while i’m in the game (temp is 77)

Third test (temp is 86)


Hmm. Well your idle temps seem normal, but 86C is pretty hot for Fortnite... You can also see the CPU throttled by .2GHz but that shouldn't make your FPS drop THAT much lower just for a 7% CPU throttle...

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Fortnite and the Epic Games launcher? If it's not a thermal issue or a hardware issue, it's clearly an issue with the game.


Alright i'll reinstall it later but last night I did Defragment of the game drive (it was 1% fragmented before but now it's zero , i mean without any fragment...)but it didn't work....i'll do BadSector scan in CMD because in windows it said there isn't any error (But it checked in a minute!?) because of that i will check it with CMD

Anyway thanks for all your help Alex


Very weird situation... You aren't running the Fortnite drive off an external drive are you? I see you said it's not on your C drive so I wondered. Also the internal SSD will not need a defrag, as SSDs don't fragment.


No both of them are internal....but Windows drive is SSD (128GB) the other is HDD (2TB)....


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