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A followup to the LG V10 smartphone, similar to the LG G5, released on September 29, 2016. The LG V20 can be distinguished by the model numbers F800, H910, H918, H990 DS Dual, H990N Dual, H990T, LS997, US996, and VS995. It is available in titan, pink, or silver with 32/64 GB of storage.

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Often on the first to or from someone I cant be heard. Second try wo

When making or receiving a call, often but not always, the other party cant hear me. Redialing, from or to same party, I can be heard. This is on regular calls, not facebook or whatsapp.

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Couple of things to try and narrow down the problem

Try making (or receiving) a call using the phone in loudspeaker mode and check if the problem still occurs.

Try operating the phone in safe mode to see if the problem still occurs or not. If it doesn't happen when in safe mode, then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. The trick is to find out which one.

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