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Released September 21, 2018. Models A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104. Available as GSM or CDMA / eSIM or nano-SIM / 64, 256, or 512 GB / Silver, Gold, or Space Gray. (Pronounced "iPhone 10 S Max.")

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iPhone XS Max restarts every 4 minutes after screen replacement

I have an iPhone XS Max that appeared fine after a screen replacement. The screen is aftermarket, and the phone now restarts every 4 minutes. Everything seems to work fine in those 4 minutes, battery charged, cameras work, touch works, receives texts, makes calls. Is it just a bad screen? Already tried updating all of the apps and even restored the phone. I have the phone coming back in and will put the original back on to see if that fixes it. Any ideas?

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update: phone came back in and original screen did not fix the problem. Have tried to restore again, and use TenorShare to fix any issues software wise. Still no luck.


Any update on this issue?


Still no updates or answers from anyone


Welcome to the modern times of aftermarket screen replacements.


Hey Matt,

I used to work for Apple and am assuming you did the screen replacement at a place that wasn't through Apple. You mentioned you already got the original screen back on which didn't help to fix the restarting issue. Is that phone still under the original 1 year warranty through apple? I assume that you didn't get Apple care otherwise you would have done the screen replacement through them?


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The charging flex cable might have been damaged during screen replacement. Or you can also check the USB IC as mentioned in the repair guide here.

A rare case of iPhone X Keeps Restarting - Motherboard Repair

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change the frames 100% worked!

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