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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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No power on, no charge, black screen

Hey guys! Before nothing, thanks for your help. Have a Samsung Galaxy S9+, these become my hands, and not power on, not charge and no display on screen.

When I plugged the cable into charger port the power consumption is 5 volts and 0,07 amps, but no charge. The battery should be in 3,85 volts but this have 1,54 volts, this point make me think the port charger is broken, but I will like first confirm this.

Someone can help me or will say, ¿how can resolve the points?


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@stifgs start by following the No Power flowchart.

Block Image

For this we would need some good pictures of your board to point out components etc.

This maybe a little easier just not as comprehensive

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Block Image

Bottom line is I’d start with a new battery (check your charger!). These guides will help you getting into your phone

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Repair

Adding images to an existing question

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Thank you very much @oldturkey03 for your full answer, with your tips will go to test each one of the points suggested and with the results come back with new comments.

Really thanks for your interest in help me.


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Hi @oldturkey03, add images from mainboard, with the new battery, the problem continue.

The button power have continuity in the chasis, but have to make test in the mainboard, but I have not much idea of how make.

However go to make all the step of your guides and will go back to comment.

Thank you very much.

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