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Repair guides and support for cars manufactured by Japanese automobile company Subaru.

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Why is my subaru B9 Tribeca rear lights staying on?

My Subarus rear lights, not brake lights, are remaining on even after the car is shut off. I just had the battery replaced this morning.

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@shylashyan let us know what year your Subaru is. I believe that most of them have a switch for parking lights. Most commonly found on top of the steering column between the steering wheel and the gauges. See if yours is on.

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There is a switch on top of your steering wheel column, it will turn on trailer lights ... AKA all of your lights in the back will light up and it will drain your battery ...which was my 1st experience the day I bought it lol

Drain 3/4'ths of my battery for 18 hours of it being on

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It was exactly that. I have a 2006 Subaru b9. Thankfully I searched this up first before I went to a mechanic.


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