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My phone screen is popping up and the screen does not work

Hi Ifixit Forums

My phone has been broken of a while every time I try to use it the screen pops up on the Right Bottom corner i have to re-adjust my phone case to use my phone I got the screen replaced but the screen does not work without the phone case getting adjusted i have to push in the screen to stay down to use the screen its not freezing it works cus i can see the volume go up and down.

Can someone help me Please

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Try using an original or refurbished original screen. Most copies aren't the correct size and that's maybe your issue

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I tried it does not work

i need it it has 12.4 a jailbreak able version


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The body of the phone could be bent causing the screen to pop up OR there’s a foreign object that isn’t letting the display sit correctly in the body. I suggest you take it back to the person who replaced the screen and ask them to help figure it out. I’d listen carefully for any additional problems caused by the breaking of the screen.

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