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Where is the menu button on my Toshiba CT 8533 remote

where is the menu button on my Toshiba CT 8533 remote, i am trying to connect my wireless router ??

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Even after pressing the home button, pressing up or down just let's me navigate the picture settings. Someone help please.


Please someone help me, I’m going crazy trying to find a menu or settings button, iv presses the blue home button but just brings up picture or sound….


Press blue then toggle the up or down key and it will give you hidden settings functions, worked on my CT-8541 remote control


Chill out Danielle. Read the


Any ideas how to put the sleep timer on?


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The blue House symbol button in the centre of the remote is the Menu button

Here’s an image showing all the functions of a Toshiba CT-8533 remote control unit.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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I dont have wifi @ home can I still use my smart tv without it & has it got built in wifi


Press the home button and press the up arrow for hdmi sources and other settings


Lets assume you just turned the TV on, within 5 seconds press up. The menu will not normally show if you are already on a HDMI channel. Stupidest thing ever but you can switch to other inputs that have nothing attached and it will then work.


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An old but still very relevant thread…

The settings (setup) menu is a sub-menu of the home button (main menu/house/blue). after pressing the home the up and down arrows scroll through this three option sub- menu. Not intuitively obvious took me longer than i care to admit to find this :<

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Thanks for this, I was going insane trying to work out how to change my contrast setting


This answer has just saved my sanity and the threat of a the tv being thrown through a window. Never buying a toshiba tv again Panasonic so much easier.


Thank you so much, have wasted hours trying to find out how to access internet on Toshiba tv! Sorted now thanks to your post!


Eventually found this using the helpful reply generated by Marilyn Koletzke initially which refers to pressing the HOME button first and this surprisingly has a somewhat hidden settings (setup) menu in the form of a sub-menu of the home button which having pressed the HOME button you can access and do retuning or even first time installation which used to be obtained on the earlier remote layout and was called MENU - Having pressed the HOME button the up and down arrows scroll through this three option sub- menu. Not good TOSHIBA as this is definitely not in any way obvious and more importantly SIMPLE - A good solution would be to bring back the MENU button or is this too much to ask for ?


I’m going crazy trying to find menu or setting to check if my network is connected, I press the blue home button and it just brings me settings for picture and sound someone help me please


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