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Can you paint over intumescent paint with regular paint?

I have a steel beam in my new kitchen which I want to leave exposed. It already has been covered with intumescent paint. Can I paint over the intumescent paint for decorative purposes with regular paint? Or does it need to be some kind of intumescent paint? Thanks!

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@anna_asking this is a big depends answer. Intumescent paint is applied intumescent paint on the steel beam to protect it and obviously your building, work from the effects of fire. You would need to know the composition of it and then possibly contact the manufacturer of that particular paint. Some let you paint over it, others do not. Some of the better paint suppliers can also be helpful in determining if you can and may have a product available that would comply with this.

So, can you? Sure. Should you? Depends.

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Thank you I really appreciate your helpful response ! I will hopefully be able to find out the composition info.. thanks!


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