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15.6'' convertible Lenovo laptop with 2-in-1 Touchscreen. It can be used in four different ways: Laptop, Stand, Tent or Tablet.

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Lenovo Edge 2-1580 digitizer screen

Original question - Flex3 was wrong info- below is correct Update (08/08/2019)

printed on front of Laptop - LENOVO EDGE 2

on the back side is a label that reads:

Lenovo Edge 2-1580

Model Name: 80QF


Factory ID: KS

Mfg. Date: 15/10/08

MO: R9N0B5A08006

MTM: 80QF0004US

Manufactured for Lenovo PC HK Limited &SN

hinge broke - screen cracked

the image still shows but the touch is intermitant mostly none at all.

What are Part Numbers for hinges and screen?

What Tools will I need and where can I get them?

where can I get instructions on how to replace screen and hinges once I know I have the right tools and parts?

THANK YOU SINCERELY for helping me. Cindy

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Hi @missyspirit ,

The number you posted (80R40006US) indicates that your laptop is a Lenovo Flex 3 Ultrabook 1580 and not a Lenovo Edge 2 1580. To verify this, just type 80R40006US into the search term of your browser and check the results.

What if anything is printed on the model information label on the laptop?

If it is a Flex 3 Ultrabook 1580, then here’s a link to the service manual for the laptop, taken from this webpage

You may be out of luck getting just a digitizer panel. According to the service manual the digitizer panel and the LCD panel come as a complete module and not two separate components.

Scroll to p.86-87 to see the parts description and list for the LCD components. The part number for the FHD module is 5D10K42174. (part #2 LCD Module W 80R4 FHD W/BEZEL)

If you search online using the part number only in the search term of a browser, you’ll get results for suppliers of the part.

The manual will also help you to replace the module if you decide to do it. Go to p.59 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to replace the LCD unit.

Hopefully this is of some help.

Is the digitizer actually physically damaged or just not working?

If just not working, what have you tried to get it working again?

Update (08/08/2019)

Hi @missyspirit ,

You have ordered the wrong part. The part you ordered was for a hinge for a Lenovo Flex 3.

Your paperwork information is not the same as what is shown on the laptop

You have an Edge 2 1580 (check 80QF0004US online). This is different to what you initially said is in the paperwork hence the confusion

Here’s a link to the service manual for a Lenovo Edge 2-1580, taken from this webpage

Go to p.51 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to replace the LCD unit, which shows how to access the hinges.

My reading of the parts list (see p.62 part #5) shows that the hinges come as a pair. Here is what I think the part is Hinge W Edge 2-1580 L+R 5H50K28142, given that the other hinges have Yoga (another model) in their title

The digitizer part numbers are in the manual, but if you need new hinges it may be that the LCD cable is damaged (it passes through the right hinge) and that it is not a panel problem. Just a thought.

Update (08/10/2019)

Hi @missyspirit ,

No bother.

Yes the correct term is a digitizer but it is also known as a touchscreen or a touch panel. Go figure ;-)

Unfortunately for you if the digitizer fails or is intermittent then you will have to replace the complete module, i.e. LCD screen + digitizer.

Even though the manual states there are "touch panels" as a separate component, (see manual p.61 item #3), I cannot find anything online regarding availability of the touch panel or even how to remove/replace it, (it’s not shown how to in the manual either), from the LCD unit in your laptop

Therefore the module that you want is part # 5D10K28140 (p.62 Item #1 - as verified by this link note the model number and the machine type model number at the top of the page matches what you have).

If you search online using the part number only (5D10K28140) you’ll get results for suppliers of the part.

Go to p.53 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the LCD unit.

Usually the part number is printed on the back of the LCD unit, so you may wish to verify that it is the same as above before ordering, but this means that you’ll have to dis-assemble it first.

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I totally missed this answer - THANKS SO MUCH - I will follow all your advice-

I think the LCD cable is ok because I do get an image. The touch part is very intermittent.

Sincerely with gratitude- Cindy


I have multiple sclerosis and don't get things sometimes. Sorry to be a bother but I still don't understand is the Digitizer called Touch Screen. For my Edge2-1580 80QF0004US am I ordering a LCD and touch screen together? my confusion comes because I get an image but the touch is intermittent and a company told me I need a digitizer. I'm not even sure what part I am supposed to be looking for to get a screen that is not cracked and touch works. Again sorry to be a bother. Cindy


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… I have ordered the tools I need, the correct hinges should arrive in a day or two, only thing left is deciding where I will buy LCD Digitzer screen and if I want to attempt fixing Lenovo myself or pay someone. Have been quoted $94-140.00 to install parts. I thank you again for working with me and helping me. Extremely GRATEFUL. Cindy


Hi @missyspirit

Good luck with the repair.



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