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This unit cools or heats the water it circulates through the ChiliPad mattress pad. Model: CP-CUBE

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E3 error code - works on heat but not on cool

My cube works on heat but not on cool - it will give the E3 error code.

I ran it for 8 years without cleaning it and there was a considerable amount of gunk inside the reservoir. I ran the cleaning cycle for 24 hours on the highest temperature and the gunk seems to be gone. However if I run it on cool it will get super hot and give out the E3 error code - also it smells very hot and almost like an electrical fire in there. The fan runs on heat but not on cool. Im comfortable opening it up but I don’t know which part to replace, any ideas?

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I think you meant F3, not E3? Try your luck calling Chilipad to find out more, as it does not look like any of the other users have had that error yet. Please report if they tell you, we need that info!

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It’s E3. Chili was anything but helpful. I asked what that specific error code meant and they said it means your unit needs to come in for repair at about $129+$17 shipping.

I looked around inside the unit and noticed that the fan wasn’t turning anymore and an electrical burn smell was coming out of the fan. Replaced the fan with one I bought on amazon and boom - works even better than before! I made sure the voltage and current ratings matched my old fan. It seems like that error code means high temps in the heat sinks because it cooled fine up until the whole unit was burning hot - then the E3 code showed up.


The unit was purchased in September 2012 so it might be older than what you guys have - error codes might have changed since then.

What threw me off a lot was the fact that the fan kept turning even though it was giving out the error code. So I thought the fan should be working - but in reality it was not functioning at its normal parameters due to dust buildup - hence why it would still get too hot above a certain threshold and give out the error code. Once I cleaned the fan - it looks like the fan motor burnt out completely under higher loads - so the error code would come much faster than before.

As a correction to my question - the fan was turning on cool but now we know it wasn’t turning fast enough to clear out all the heat being created by the peltiers.


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I just got the same error message on my machine. E3, it’s an older model. May I ask what fan you purchased? And is there a way to clean the reservoir? Mine has gunk, but I can’t run the cleaning cycle because the machine isn’t operating.

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Fan that matched my broken fan was:

When installing it - make sure you read the little booklet that comes with it - the connector for this fan did not match the connector on my machine so I just spliced the wires - but there is an easier way to do that by just replacing the connector on the new fan with your old connector (I wish I read the booklet).

So your machine doesn't work on HEAT? My pump was working fine so I just ran it on the highest temperature (118) and filled it up with hydrogen peroxide for 10 hours. I did this a few times to clear the gunk.


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