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Released September, 2014. Inspiron 15 3542 4th Gen Intel PDC

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7 beep problem when I try to open.

Please tell a way to solve 7 beep problem when I switch on the laptop.

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@ddnath a 7-beep code indicates either a CPU or Motherboard-related problem. Though, it’s pretty rare a CPU fails. This question has already been answered, so refer to this thread:

7 beep at startup

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Not to necropost but some of us techs are reviewing this case on the badcaps forum. The error code appears to be common but most of the threads on this topic are now locked. This is a deja-vu of the iMAC days where the GPU / video card had to be reflowed due to solder joints underneath the BGA (ball grid array) devices becoming undone. This is a process but with care it can be done by DIY. Google for the GPU reflowing fix or take it to a shop that understands this lingo. We run an electronics design firm so have $100k USD invested into our SMT oven which has worked very well to fix the 'dead' imacs. Don't give up even if the vendor who sold you the laptop does. There is still some hope and many are reporting success after reflowing of the GPU on the logic board. Hope this helps.

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