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Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. Released in April 2017.

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Half of my screen keeps going white, what's causing it?

This hasnt been happening at all until just yesterday. My screen is already cracked but I cracked it even more the day before yesterday. Yesterday the screen would flicker in the lock screen and randomly after an hour or so of use half the screen would go white, just enough of the screen that it covers the whole keyboard except for the autofill bar. The screen glitches at random and is easily fixed by resetting the phone, but it becomes tedious since I use my phone a lot. Do I have to get the screen fixed?

Edit: The situation got way, way worse. I can’t use my phone at all anymore. In addition to the white screen, the rest of the screen just now started to go completely dark and flicker. Resetting the phone no longer fixes the issue. It got so bad I had to use my laptop to edit my question. This glitch is not only annoying, but dominating my entire phone to the point that it wont work properly.

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I have this exact same problem down to every detail. If i wait a really long time it sometimes fixes, but the problem repeats. right now this is happening, in fact.


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The problem here is the AMOLED screens cost so much it will quickly total out an old Samsung (unless you get a deal on a minor defect replacement).
You likely broke the screen, which is more common now since the glass is stronger than the display. The problem with Samsung’s unreasonable repair cost is one generation will do it with a cheap phone, maybe 2-3 on an expensive flagship. Beyond that, it's BER in many cases.

Since buying the bare screen will likely total the phone out, your second best option is a choice:

  • Bad IMEI donor (match the carrier device class as best you can. Should not matter on the S8, but Sprint was still being quirky on these). HINT: Get one that was blocked by T-Mobile for nonpayment since they block it after 60 days. GSM variants are the same except for the carrier branding, ROM, and bootloader lock signature. However if your T-Mo "finance" donor was a winner like a 6a I intended to use for parts, don't mutilate it. I'm getting it unlocked :-). They are more forgiving about people leaving bad debt than AT&T and Verizon, so that's why you run from these phones outside of use as donors unless you get lucky. IT IS LITERALLY SAFER FOR SELLERS TO DISCOUNT A RISKY PHONE AND SELL IT "AS-IS" AND THEN GET A DEFECT FOR GIVING IT A CHANCE! If the buyer wins the lottery, good for them. The old IMEI will die with the board, so it doesn't matter but move your SIM tray so people know unless it's not engraved there.
    I apologize in advance to the rep who confirmed that my donor 6a probably has a clean bill of health to my surprise. I know these problems all too well.
  • Buy a used device (factory unlocked U, no carrier locking). Verizon MIGHT require a "certified" S8, but that's it. Nobody else really cares if it has the the "U" or "A, S, V, P" or not. Ideally, with an issue that kills resale like screen burn. Save the resale agony and get one where it's over with like most of them.

After you find a screen, follow this guide to the point you can drop the new screen into the phone. DO NOT disassemble it further - that breaks these screens so just move the board and cameras, as well as the charge port if need be.

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A bit of an update here. The service on T-Mo is good, but their high-cost phones are usually financed.

DO NOT BUY THEM unless the seller gives you the IMEI privately to check, and it's free and clear!!! Finance=PARTS, so pay accordingly!!!

Ugh. It's irritating for me that I can't trust a used T-Mo phone most of the time and I just buy U/U1 Samsung, but I know U/U1 is free and clear 100% of the time.


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Essentially the problem with your device is the screen itself. The first drop may have been minor enough that it didn’t damage the touch digitizer or the LCD. with the second drop now you are having more issues with a damaged LCD that the part itself can’t work properly anymore. simply just get a screen replacement.

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You need a new screen

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My moms phone started doing it today as well and now she can get on it. The phone wont turn on at all now!!

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