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Popular clothes dryer series by Kenmore.

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My dryer igniter heats up and breaks

Why Kenmore dryer I've replace the igniter twice each time it Heats up and the tips break off in half cause in the dryer to stop working what could be the problem are these cheap igniters that I'm buying they run me about $20 a piece

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Hey Joe. This unfortunately is not uncommon. If you'll post the model number I'll see if I can come up with something specific that might help.


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The oils from your skin will damage the ignitor. Never touch them. Only touch the metal base.

Mice and roaches can damage them also.

I have occasionally received ignitors that are made cheap or damaged during shipping.

I’d reorder an ignitor from a different company. Don’t buy an unbranded ignitor. Buy the OEM replacement. The one made for that dryer by the manufacturer. It will cost more but I sometimes find them on eBay at a reasonable price.

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Unless something is touching this or bumping into it while running, this should not happen. I would switch brands or see if there is a higher end one.

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