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Just a simple guy who’s always been interested in learning as much as I can, to be as independent as I can. Along the way learned a lot, and always enjoy sharing whatever I know that might help someone. Don’t know it all, and not always right, but sometimes I just might be able to help. I can be contacted at

I’m a 1959 model/native and current resident in the upstate of South Carolina. Made my bones in Textile manufacturing, as a Dyer. Always loved chemistry, though not well or at least not formally educated. The exodus of textiles took me into the chemical domain where I enjoyed my most fascinating career experience working with hazardous chemical and other waste. Reaganomics, TORT reform, and the pollution liability conundrum in 1987 put an end to all that (for me).

Along the way, the turbulence encountered with unemployment disruptions returned me to my default as an independent woodworker and handyman type, as being married with three beautiful boys meant I had to produce, regardless of sob stories.

The internet explosion opened up the world’s ultimate library to me, and in mid-life I began soaking up everything of value I could. I wasn’t born with a wrench in my hand, and only acquired a broader mechanical base in the last couple of decades. Sorry to say I’m virtually worthless when it comes to all the latest electronics and media devices.

Finally, for the record, even though I don’t know how everything works on this site, so far it’s been a lot of fun. Helps keep me on my toes, and always learning, still.

Avatar image is actually tribute to my Son, Charles, 1985-2016. He and I spent the last few years leading up to his passing working together, and he is sorely missed. Also included image of the family, and the grand-kids, as this is what it’s always been about, anyway.


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