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Toyota's 7th generation pickup, but first generation of the Tacoma branded truck designed specifically for the American market. Featured brand new sheet metal, new frame, fresh suspension and three new powerful engines.

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2004 toyota tacoma wont start

I have a toyota tacoma double cab with a 3.4L v6 in it. it cranks over but wont run. I checked the fuel pump it works. Replaced the fuel pressure regulator today as it wasnt returning fuel. I started it up after that ran fine for around 5 mins. Went to move it and it died now wont start. I must add its ran fine until one night i left windows down (0% chance of rain) and we got inch and a half of rain, I moved it 100 foot into my shop and died there. hadn’t ran until I replaced fuel pressure regulator, anything else it could be?TIA

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Hey Nicholas.

Yeah, there’s a number of possibilities. I agree looking at fuel pressure is a good place to start. A problem here brings the fuel pump, it’s relay, the fuel filter, fuel lines and even the tank, etc., into play. And ok fuel pressure pretty much eliminates most of these, as well. You said you replaced the regulator, and the pump was fine. I know it’s probably not the case, but I have to ask - any chance you were low on gas when the truck troubles began? Could you be out of gas? If not, have you tried starting the truck using a starting fluid?

The next thing I’d go to is spark. See if you’re getting spark at the cylinders (plug wire boots). If not, start tracing backwards from the cylinder toward the distributor. If you are getting spark at the cylinders, then check the ignition coils, and spark plugs. You could have a bad rotor button, a bad distributor cap (even moisture inside the cap could create problems), bad plug wires, ignition coils, and/or spark plugs.

These are not the only possibilities making your problem, just my thoughts on how one might address these few things, and either find a/the problem or start eliminating things.

Hope you’re able to find the culprit.

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When you turn it on, do you hear a whirring up of the fuel pump? Just checking for volts doesn’t always mean it is working. If you don’t hear the tell tale whirring it’s probably shot.

Check it for codes first see what comes up and go from there. If codes, fix them first. Reset and test until no more codes. Otherwise it could be a corroded ground. Check all your ground points. Check all your fuses.

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FYI: Turning on the ignition in a 95 Tacoma doesn't make the fuel pump run. The "circuit opening relay" (Toyota speak for fuel pump relay) won't be closed until the ecu receives an rpm signal from the crankshaft position sensor. So, if the starter will turn the engine, but it doesn't fire, you'll hear the fuel pump whirring AFTER you crank it.

Also, those pumps can test fine for resistance, make the whirring noise and everything, and still be failed and the cause of the problem. Fuel pressure testing before the fuel rail is a must in this situation.

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