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Samsung's wireless earbuds. Released in March of 2019 with the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones.

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Connect different color buds.

My friend and I both have a pair of galaxy buds, one set black one set white. We would like to trade both our left ear buds so that we have different color buds. BUT how can I now pair these two new buds together??? Thanks!

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Hi Zach,

I don’t like to bring the bad news but Samsung has actually talked about this issue before, and stated how their specific service centers need to pair the new buds together. Essentially it works a lot like a car key fob, that is specifically programmed to speak to one, and theirs no ‘easy’ pairing process on them.

Hope this helps so you don’t waste too much time at least.



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You can set up to play dual audio…but make sure the left ear is turn up before transferring

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how do you set up dual audio?


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