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Not booting past load screen

I have a MacBook A1342 that needed a logic board and keyboard replacement. When testing both the new board and keyboard everything worked fine. I had everything clipped in place but didn’t remove the old keyboard just yet. After doing a teardown and removing the old keyboard and replacing it with the new one and rebuilding the MacBook back together the laptop won’t boot past the load screen. All I have on the screen is the Apple Logo and the load bar goes half way across. It has been like this for about 2 days. So far, I can’t get into safe mode. Has anyone any ideas on what the problem could be?

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Stuck on half-way generally indicates the MacOS operating system being unable to load due to either a corrupt OS or failing hard drive.

If you do not need information like documents and photos off the hard drive that is in the MacBook I recommend attempting to re-install MacOS.

If you have a Mac OS X Snow Leopard install disc you can use this linked guide to re-install MacOS -

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