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15.6'' convertible Lenovo laptop with 2-in-1 Touchscreen. It can be used in four different ways: Laptop, Stand, Tent or Tablet.

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Broken hinge has caused the screen to separate from the backplate.

There are several issues.

Recently the hinge for my screen has stripped it screws somehow and became locked in an upright position. This would not allow my screen to move properly without causing the backplate to flex and break away from the screen. After a few days the screen has finally refused to turn on.

I would like to know if fixing the hinge will allow the screen to work. If so, how do the hinges work? How do I fix it? I’ve saved some of the screws that popped out from the hinge.

Also, a new development is that the entire laptop refuses to turn on now. I am unsure what exactly has now caused this.

Also, the rubber lining around the laptop is mostly just flapping off. I hate this.

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@ozera “fixing the hinge will allow the screen to work.  “ no but it will be the right thing to do. Your hinges really have nothing to do with the screen but the wires may go through them and those may get shorted out or disconnected. Start with the hinges and check everything else while you work on it.

You can download the service manual for your device from here

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When the hinge breaks loose from the back cover it is because the three screws that hold the hinge t5o the back cover have nothing to screw into. The female part breaks off of the back cover. I have one right now that I am trying to find a work around for since the new back cover is not available anywhere on the planet earth right now. I am not sure if it is worth trying to glue the plastic back into the

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the screw on the right is with the black plastic insert that has broken off the back cover and the screw on the left is what the screw looks like when it is screwed in to hold on the hinge if the backcover is not broken in this way. The picture is where the hinge screws and inserts have broken out, see the three holes? if it can be glues back into the hole it left it might work. Otherwise the LCD and Digitizer will continually separate. If I come up with something I will post it

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yes PLEASE post if you come up with a fix. I bought hinges and $17 down the drain as I don't think I need them... I need a front cover shell and impossible to find.


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I have a similar problem (I think). Have not fixed it yet, but this might be helpful:

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