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Any software that gives details during restore failure?


Is there any software available for the PC, free or paid, which will try to restore an iPhone, while giving step by step details on the restore process so if it fails, you can see what it was trying to do when it failed and therefore have a good idea of the problem area?

For instance, your iPhone might be stuck in recovery mode. You try a restore in iTunes. It fails with error 9. You search the internet and find various different potential causes, including CPU solder ball issues, NAND solder ball issues or data corruption, front camera causing it, Tristar causing it, a USB cable that isn’t good enough, you were using a USB hub, etc.

You then find a forum post stating that any faulty data or clock line on the I2C bus could cause it too, from a short-circuit line to a cracked solder ball, which now implicates a large number of ICs and parts.

Isn’t there anything available to make this process simpler, by showing what IC the software was trying to communicate with which failed?


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Everyone in repairs would love that, but no, it simply doesn’t exist anything as such. You can get some limited info from console logs on Mac and something within 3Utools, but nothing gets even close to the level of detail you are looking for, AFAIK.

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Congrats Mr. Moderator!

Apple uses so many proprietary parts, it would be very difficult to figure out what, exactly, is going on at any particular time.


@refectio Thank you, too kind as usual :))


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A lot of utilities does that, returns a code and optional parameters, but it doesn’t give the exact error text.

What we need is accurate documentation instead of guessing the probable cause, a lot of stuff from other sources did only that.

Documentation is obviously only available to Apple engineering teams, not even support has full picture of that.

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