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Repair guides and support for the Huawei P9 Lite, released in April 2016.

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Bootloop because of fingerprint scanner?

So, they gave me a p9 lite to check as it was getting pretty hot and it's fingerprint scanner wasn't working. Opening it revealed a disconnected scanner and no thermal pad. I plugged it in and it started bootlooping. Cache clear, factory reset and flashing the proper rom from a sd card didn't solve the issue, what can i do besides getting a new motherboard?

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The thing is, it was working fine before, could this be caused by ESD?


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So, i fixed it. What i did, was buy another cheapo broken p9 lite for parts. When I swapped the motherboards, both phones were working for some reason, but when i put mine back in it didnt, until i swapped the fingerprint scanners aswell. I have no idea why or how this works, but it fixed it for me.

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Absolutely nothing. You can’t even put custom roms. They LOCKED the bootloader unlocker

Update (06/08/2019)

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