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Repair guides for the MacBook.

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anyway to fix a MacBook after a liquid spill?

i spilled cereal on my macbook like an idiot is there any way to save it? it won't power back on or anything?

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follow the steps listed here

Electronics Water Damage

if you tried to power it on you might have caused damage to it, the only way to know for sure is to follow the steps that I linked and try it afterwards.

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It really depends on where the liquid went. Many times on the A1181 Macbook with light spills a new keyboard assembly will do the trick. If it gets past the keyboard it usually causes the most damage where the battery connector board meets the main logic board. Sometimes removing the main board and cleaning this area really well can fix the issue. You will see obvious corrosion in this area.

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Milk with sugar in it is lot worse than plain water!


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