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Released February 2012, identified by model number 26299

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Lense not opening , showing lense error , also having cluttering sound

Few days back my nickm l26 was working properly but then there was a dust strom and as far as I know camera was out without cover .

So when I try to start it ,nothing happened ,

There was a cluttering sound (continuous).

And screen was showing lense error

Battery was full I try to recharge it and try again but did not work.

I also tried cleaning lense sides with small paper but nothing

So is there any other way ?I did not want to buy a new one

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Sarandeep Singh a dust storm could do it. You may have all kinds of debris on the extension barrel for the lens. You can try to clean it etc. Check on here for some idea on how to possibly fix it. Ultimately I would consider changing the lens since repair parts for the lens are not readily available. It is not a very challenging job and can easily be accomplished. Use these guides Nikon Coolpix L26 Repair to work on it. Luckily the Coolpix only have minor deviations when It comes to changing the lens. Check this video

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