help for repairing kyoritsu 1007


My multimeter(kyoritsu 1007) has problem if you have schematics or pcb image please send for me.

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The whole point of this forum is to help the entire community, not just the person who asked the question. Encouraging people to respond to you privately is both against the rules and against the spirit of the iFixit movement.

I have edited your address out of the question, hopefully someone will be able to help you out.

The moderators thank you!


what issues did you encounter?

please share more, had you open it up?


Thanks alot for your help.i didnot know the rules of this forum please excuse me

How ever

I open the multimeter and test the whole of particles except the main chipset

Digits that shown on lcd is changing please help me


There is nothing about my multimeter on net anybody can help me?


What are you testing when the digits are changing?


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